7 Symptoms of Mild Heart


Heart disease is the biggest killer in the world is killing it would be helpful to recognize the symptoms of the symptoms of heart disease so that early treatment can quickly step in to take in order not semangkin severe heart disease. Well here are some mild symptoms of heart disease you need to know.

1. Uneven heart rhythm
Heart palpitations are not known for no apparent reason is not necessarily nervous, it could also indicate arrhythmia or irregularity of heart rate is a common symptom of coronary heart disease. The disease is at times can lead to strokes and heart attacks.

2. Chest pain

Complaints of chest pain are specific signs for coronary heart disease. In contrast to chest pain in heart attack feels like being stabbed or crushed, the sensation of pain in angina pectoris is usually more like pressed heavy objects. Not just in the chest, the pain is often felt to the shoulders and neck.

3. Pain in the jaw and ear

Jaw pain is a symptom of the mysterious because it could be due to several reasons, but sometimes it could also be an indication of coronary heart disease and heart attacks.

Pain appears along the jaw to the ear and hard to find from where the pain is coming from.

4. Experience sexual harassment

Have difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection can be one symptom of coronary heart disease. Doctors today will perform cardiovascular examinations when there are men who complain of erectile dysfunction.

This happens because the arteries around the heart are narrowed or hardened affects the blood supply to the penis, so that would make it difficult to achieve or to maintain an erection.

5. Dizziness and shortness of breath

According to the Journal of the American Heart Association, more than 40 percent of women reported experiencing frequent shortness of breath in a period of several days before the heart attack.

A person may experience can not breathe, dizziness or even fainting in the middle of doing the usual things such as walking or cleaning the house that had not previously been problematic.

6. Nausea and abdominal tenderness

Dn severe attack of indigestion nausea can be an early symptom of a heart attack or myocardial infarction, particularly in women.

In one study found that women are two times more likely to experience vomiting, nausea and indigestion for several months before a heart attack than men.

This occurs because of blockage in the arteries of fat will reduce the blood supply to the heart is usually the case in the chest and sometimes can appear on the abdomen. It depends on which part of the heart is broken so that it sends pain signals in the lower part of the body from the chest.

7. Snore

Research shows, people who sleep snoring had three times higher risk of dying from a heart attack in the next 5 years.

Because snoring is also associated with the risk of sleep apnea or stop breathing during sleep. Cessation of breathing make berkruang oxygen supply, leading to tissue damage in various organs including the heart.

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