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children’s eye health
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Fella fella, maybe all had read an article about how we are to maintain eye health.
The Ministry of health, in 2012 and then stated that the eye disease sufferers in Indonesia such as cataract, bufthalamus, retinoblastoma and others a number of 3.6 million people. A large number of. This number meduduki number first in Southeast Asia.
Of the 3.6 million people pendertia eye disease as has been mentioned above, is not just made up of adults and the elderly, but, eye diseases can strike children as well. a variety of causes. Therefore, let us recognize various eye diseases that commonly attack the children. that is, the
Cataract-Cataract it can strike anyone. What’s more, the elderly. Not impossible, but infants and children are affected by cataracts. Why? Therefore, the cause of the turbidity in the eye lens is not just due to age factor. cataracts in children, but can also be caused by infection, heredity, metabolic problems, or collision. Signs of cataracts in children apparent is the emergence of white patches on the lens of the eye or whose color is served. If the child’s eyes appear like symptoms, immediately take him to the doctor. One way is surgery. In fact, it covers much of cataracts namely, about the cause, of its kind, and how the process of recovery. A fella could read our articles about cataracts.
Bufthalmus-the disease is also often part of the baby. Bufthalmus is an enlargement of the eyeball due to the high pressure of the eyeball. Bufthalamus can cause damage to the eyes, in fact, lose vision. The signs can be recognized from this penyaki is an enlargement of the eyeball, bercaak appears white on the cornea. The bottom line, so, white patches appear, immediately take it to the doctor. Typically, symptoms will appear when the child was 3 months old.
The eyes Squint-eyes squint can strike anyone, adult or child. their kind were differentiated into default and not the default. Causes of eye squint is also varied, some are caused by innate from birth as mentioned above, it could also be caused by malignant tumors, damage to the brain, and nervous disorders. Do not worry for this one, current Medical Technology is increasingly sophisticated, and so will be able to restore the proper position of the eye.
Eye infections-red eyes, swollen, somewhat poignant often tears and often pulled out of dirt, as that’s the symptom. the sufferer not only kids but, infections can also attack adults. Eye infections are caused by viruses, bacteria, allergies or chemicals. Prevention can be done by way of maintaining hygiene.
Retinoblastoma-disease is caused by neoplasm on the neuroretina (cone cells and rod cells). In other words, retinablastoma is a malignant tumor. The disease often strikes children. Retinoblastoma is one of the diseases of children. But, in addition to be lowered, retinoblastuma can also be caused due to the child’s environment, especially during childbirth, as dr. I Gede u. Jawaby, SpAK when a news press in the PROVINCIAL HOSPITAL of Dr. Sutomo that may be infections occur during childbirth so that the child suffered from retinoblastoma, and many more other causes. And the tumor cells can spread everywhere.
Nyctalopia-I am sure others are all very familiar with the disease on this one. People affected by nyctalopia wouldn’t be able to see when the time is dusk. Thus, named nyctalopia. This one is also a disease that can attack the children. One of the reasons is the lack of intake of Vitamin a. vitamin A cukupi, So your kids.
Eye diseases it can strike anyone, including children. And some of this eye disease is a disease that is dangerous, can cause blindness. So, be careful, keep the environment clean and responsive in seeing the symptoms of eye disease is dangerous.

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