6 essential rules for a healthy breakfast


Breakfast is the most important meal session to start your day. Remember, we should not skip breakfast. Why? Because breakfast gives us energy to start the routine all day. However, if you have a healthy breakfast? Here are tips to keep you always healthy breakfast, as reported by Boldsky.

1. Start with water

Start your morning with a glass of water in the morning. Your stomach produces a lot of acid in the morning and the water can neutralize it.

2. Avoid oily foods

Avoid greasy foods, such as fried or noodles, which can cause obstruction or stomachaches. Greasy food makes the stomach feel uncomfortable.

3. eating fruit

Eating a banana in the morning gives you the amount of fiber, carbohydrates, and the right energy. Oranges are also rich in antioxidants, which can cleanse your system. In effect, you will feel more energetic throughout the day.

4. eggs

Eggs are a good breakfast menu to start your day. This is an ideal food to energize in the morning.

5. Milk and milk products

Milk and milk products can give more energy to greet the morning. It gives you energy and is good for calcium.

6. Food containing

You need food contains, such as bread, fruit, a little rice and cereals. Make your stomach feel more comfortable and not too full.

What is your favorite food for breakfast? Are you one of sati among people who often skip breakfast session?

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