5 Things About Lung Cancer You Should Know


Lung cancer is often referred to as the invisible cancer that is mostly found in an advanced stage. Here are 5 things you should know about lung cancer.

One of the reasons that made the deadly lung cancer is a symptom that is often not seen or did not realize until the disease spread to other organs in the body and into stadiumlanjut.

Here are 5 things you should or should be known by the public about lung cancer, as quoted dariawomanshealth, namely:

1. Smoking is the number 1 cause of lung cancer, but not the only cause of

The biggest risk factor for lung cancer associated with smoking, while the second most common cause of cancer paruadalah radon (natural gas is colorless and odorless).

Meanwhile, other risk factors include scarring of the lung due to tuberculosis or a neighborhood filled with cigarette smoke, air pollution, radiation, asbestos and some chemicals.

2. About 1 in 5 women with lung cancer never smoked, compared with 1 out of 10 men

Women who had never smoked more at risk of lung cancer compared to men who do not smoke. The most frequent cause of lung cancer due to women exposed to cigarette smoke (secondhand smoke).

Some evidence suggests women are more sensitive to the effects of chemicals from cigarettes than men, and about 9 percent of women diagnosed with lung cancer were younger than men.

3. Symptoms of lung cancer differ between men and women

This is because the type of lung cancer in men and women tend to differ. Men are more often diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma tends to grow near the main air duct. Symptoms bluish blood phlegm, chronic cough and infection.

While women are more often diagnosed with adenocarcinoma that grows in the outer regions of the lung that does not show many symptoms, and little contact with squamous cell carcinoma of the symptoms such as shortness of breath, back pain, shoulder and fatigue.

4. There’s no easy way of screening for lung cancer

Currently there is no better option for lung cancer screening with CT scan in addition to the cost is expensive. Even so the researchers are now studying the other tests include chest x-rays and spiral CTS.

5. Lung cancer risk can be reduced

One way to reduce risk is to stop smoking and reduce exposure to secondhand smoke, eat a balanced diet and exercise, and if it is or ever smoked in the past should consider talking to a doctor for urgent screening. This is because lung cancer is classified as a type of cancer that can be treated if detected early.

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