When I was small I really hated to put coconut oil in my hair, but my mom forcefully added it every time. I never used to like the sticky oil in my hair. But now when I am 20 I know that why my mom used coconut oil for my hair. She wanted my hair to grow long, stay strong and remain healthy always. We as children every time think why our parents force us for things which we dislike. But as we grow we understand that our parents always think for our betterment. Here are a few secret that everyone should know about coconut oil for making hair healthy.

reasons to massage coconut oil to hair

  1. Coconut oil is an excellent hair moisturizer that adds shine to our hair making hair soft and silky. Even though it is beneficial but I still don’t like to put oil during day time. Putting oil in hair and going for lectures, I can’t even imagine. But keeping hair healthy is also important, so I add this oil to hair at night, asks my mom, dad or my brother to massage it for 10 minutes and then I go to sleep. Massages not only keeps mind relaxed but also helps to get good sleep. So the next day I wash my hair using a good shampoo. Avoid adding oil every night, just use it the day before you are going to wash your hair.
  2. Apart from moisturizing it also make hair strong by nourishing our hair roots. Vitamin E and other nutrients get absorb by the hair follicles preventing the follicles from swelling which help hair to become strong and thus your hair fall problem can also be treated.
  3. Do you know that this oil can also be used to treat itchy scalp , dry scalp and scalp infections. Lauric acid in coconut oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that can help you to kill bacteria and fungal infections making your scalp healthy and problem free.
  4. Dandruff can also be treated using this hair friendly oil. When you apply this oil to hair the dandruff and dirt get stick to one another and clearing them becomes easy. Just as described above massage oil for 5 minutes and leave it overnight. In the morning with a good dandruff controller shampoo rinse your hair. This will make hair clean and clear the dandruff permanently.
  5. Coconut oil help to make hair fibres strong and nourished. Using this oil thrice a week can prevent split ends in hair. As you all know the split ends can be either cut off or prevented, so why not to prevent splitting of hair.

I have shown you the benefits of using coconut oil and now it is on you to use it for hair or not. I can definitely say now you all have understood the hair friendly way for treating your hair and making it strong, soft, clear and healthy. 

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