The number of people whose hair loss, increased each year. The cause of these cases, due to lack of care or attention to the health of the hair. Hair loss can be experienced by anyone, adults, teenagers, and even children are common. Hair loss in large quantities, is certainly very worrying. Therefore, if left over time these conditions will make baldness. If you experience this, do not panic but better find a way to resolve it.

4 causes of hair loss

1. Food: Sometimes spicy and oily foods, providing more delicious taste of the food is mediocre. But, you should know that the food is the beginning of the emergence of the disease in the body. One of them will be excess scalp oil, and lead to hair fall out or will increase problems such as the emergence of dandruff.

2. The use of hair tools: Hairdryer, comb, coloring, and use a hair tie. It can make the hair more beautiful to look at, but, if it is excessive or not in accordance with the rules. Then came the hair loss problem.

3. Drugs: Chemicals does have many side effects. And there are also a lot of various drugs, which turns the effect can shed hair. But, if the drug is in use is completed then rontokpun stop.

4. Pregnancy: Pregnant women look, would be worse than an ordinary woman. It is, could be affected due to telogen effluvium which can make hair fall out. This problem will usually appear after 3 months after childbirth.

Natural hair loss treatment

1. Massaging the scalp: Frequently massaging your scalp, with a relaxed and more comfortable. Because by doing so can make the process of circulation on the part your hair into a tapering and well. When the massage you can also use the oil that has been reliable.

2. Using aloe vera: Vitamins and minerals contained in or aloe vera aloevera can make your hair better especially makes hair thick and lush. You can do this by taking aloe vera and then cut into two parts. Then take the mucus and apply on all parts of the hair while memijti-mijit. And let stand about 15 minutes, then rinse with water.

3. Eggs: High protein contained in eggs, we can take the benefits as a hair loss solution. Take an egg and then whipped into a container, then drops lemony juice into the whipped egg. Then apply on your hair.

4. Reduce hair tie: If you like to tie your hair, then it is part of the cause. So from now on, try to reduce the hair tie. But if you want to keep tying the hair, try not too tight binding.

5. Honey: It’s no secret, that honey is able to treat a variety of health problems. So also with hair loss. Honey can make hair become fertile and stronger. Now, as for how its use by applying honey on all parts of the surface of the scalp and hair with while doing massage for 10 minutes. Do it this way as routine as possible to get maximum results.

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