5 Foods That Boost Immune System


Destruction of infectious agents and diseases of the immune system to protect the setting The struggle to work with the disease, cells and tissues, including the occurrence of different types of antibodies, proteins and institutional systems. So if your sick cells, but to attack the body.
Errors and defects associated with the disease. Hereditary immunodeficiency or due to side effects of drugs and viruses can be Immune disorders, immune system attacks healthy tissue.
imunCells, B-, T (viruses, bacteria) for each cell and antibody-antigen, but the limited supply, if necessary, to play a villain, millions of cell replication they contribute to or hinder the immune system is very important to eat. Your immune system has several foods.
1) Mushroom antioxidants, protein, fewer calories. You promote the beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria, so for the immune system can control and probiotics. As cold and flu season, cold injury and mushrooms help the body’s cells to the blood circulation in different ways. The best photos, mushrooms, attractive, Cordyceps, Coriolus versicolor, and in some places to eat.
2) Prevention of disease and best garlic diet. This accuracy and attack cancer cells has been shown to increase white blood cells and antibodies. Thus, blood cells and free radicals in the blood, the knife was found. Substance allicin in garlic to prevent colds and flu virus characteristics can be displayed. In addition, fungal infections showed in the detoxification of toxic metals, P, and Staphylococcus aureus infection.
3) Sulforaphane, broccoli, and the fight against disease and aging, support, called free radicals) connections. Step 2 for the production of enzymes, the most powerful anti-cancer chemical vitamin C, an antioxidant superstar that does not require the introduction of a large number of assets Broccoli, detoxification, cell size, material, and includes the removal of toxins.
4) The production of cheese, whey protein is a liquid product. “Antimicrobial whey protein antihypertensive, antitumor, antioxidant and anti-viral lipid. Cysteine amino acids, serum glutathione, a powerful antioxidant, can convert units. Process Ways and support, HIV infection is not an agent of hepatitis B for heart disease and osteoporosis, but testing may be useful in the immune system. “
5) Blueberry fruit antioxidants, and was named the best lines. Color of fruit is a potent source of antioxidants. Prevention and treatment of urinary tract infections, including health and social care, such as the red-brown deposit in the context of degenerative diseases associated with heart disease, memory loss, such as the fight against aging, cancer prevention.  Immune system.

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