Normally, every day human hair will fall out as much as 45-100 strands. If hair loss is more, you should be wary.

Here are important foods for preventing hair loss, as reported by Top Santé.

1. vitamin B

Vitamin B is very important to prevent hair loss due to follicle cells can renew.

Foods that contain lots of vitamin B include carrots, tomatoes, oranges, tuna, eggs, bananas, and mushrooms. In addition, there are pears, apples, plums, cereals, wholemeal bread, nuts, and poultry.

2. iron

Iron is both to facilitate the absorption of nutrients and oxygen in the roots of the hair. If you eat foods containing iron, your hair will be shiny, not dull and fall.

Foods that contain iron are clams, pudding, black heart, beef, mutton, egg yolks, oysters, parsley, cocoa powder, soy flour, cereals, almonds, hazelnuts, spinach.

Vitamin C can increase the absorption of iron, for it was diligent drinking orange juice.

However, avoid the consumption of foods that contain iron along with drinking tea. Tannins in tea can inhibit iron absorption in the body.

3. Sulfur

Keratin substance in sulfur can strengthen your hair. Sulfur can be found in garlic, eggs, bacon, onions, and fish.

4. Zinc or zinc

Sulfur and zinc play a role in the formation of hair. Zinc is found in breakfast cereals from grain, beans, spinach, bread, peas, oysters, mussels, and beef.

5. Sulfur amino acids

Sulfur amino acids to avoid the appearance of baldness. The hair does not fall out especially bald, eat tuna, parmesan cheese, chicken, beef, egg yolk, soy flour, nuts, pistachio nuts, and almonds.

In addition to food, your lifestyle also influence and impact on the quality of your hair. Balance sleep, physical activity, relaxation, and your nutrient intake.

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