5 Due Happens In Teens Who Smoke


5DueHappensInTeensWhoSmokeIn addition to causing death and other complications of other diseases. Teens who smoke are known to trigger a variety of problems that arise. These teens performance of the smoker.

Smoking during adolescence makes it risky subject of serious health problems because they are in their growth. Smoking not only causes health problems in the physical but also emotional.

The experts reveal the health risks of smoking in adolescents is much worse than with adults who smoke.

Here are some of the problems that can arise when teenagers smoke that could be seen from penampilanny

1. The performance of the school

Teens who smoke will experience a decline in the value of sports because they can not walk far or run fast like before smoking.

If you participate in extracurricular music will make it up when playing music, as well as lower memory capabilities brain in learning that could affect the values ​​of the lesson.

2. Impaired lung development

The body thrives on growth stage, and if someone is smoking in this period could interfere with the development of his lungs.

Especially if teens smoke every day it can make shortness of breath, and coughing continuously, excessive phlegm and are more susceptible to colds many times.

3. More difficult to recover when sick
When teenagers pain then they will be more difficult for him to get back healthy as before because smoking affects the immune system in the body.

Smoking also triggers heart problems at a young age and reduce bone strength.

4. Addiction
Teens who smoke tend to be much more likely to become addicted to nicotine that makes it more difficult to stop.

When he decided to quit smoking, MKA withdrawal symptoms such as depression, insomnia, irritability and mental problems can have a negative impact on school performance and behavior.

5. Look older than her age
People who start smoking at a young age will experience more rapid aging process, it will have lines on the face serya drier skin so it looks older than his age would.

In addition, smoking also makes adolescents have acne or other skin problems, as well as a yellow tooth.

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