5 Beverages That Help Lose Weight


Weight loss secret lies in the intake that you consume each day. And not only have to pay attention to the food alone, it drinks very well determine a person’s weight.

Drinks can make weight gain when high sugar content, carbohydrates or calories. Well, have to bother keeping food menu could be in vain if it does not keep the dong drink intake?

Diet in order to no longer be in vain, you can choose the following five drinks menu that will succeed your diet program.


Is the best drink of all types of drinks to help you lose weight. No additional flavor and content of any kind that can make you gain weight. Instead drink plenty of water with the digestion more smoothly and defecation also be relieved.

Vegetable juice

Make juice from vegetables that are rich in fiber, which helps facilitate digestion and defecation. Furthermore, vegetable juice also contains many nutrients needed by the body, and you can not eat them.

Vegetable juice also makes the stomach feel full longer. If you do not like it, you may add honey or fruit.

Fresh tea

Green tea has been known as a healthy drink that helps maintain the body’s metabolism and stabilize weight. Rich in antioxidants and helps expel toxins from the body. However, the condition must be consumed without sugar in order to maximize its benefits.

Black coffee

Small cup of black coffee in the morning can help you lose weight. Is the caffeine in coffee could help to starve and make full longer. Coffee can also increase your metabolism and digestion.

However, be careful when mixing coffee with creamer, milk or sugar. Can be high calorie and can cause obesity.

Nonfat milk

Skim milk, nonfat milk or low fat consumed advised those who want to lose weight. Providing for protein, vitamin D, and calcium which help keep muscles and bones to stay strong.

Avoid drinks that can make you fat, especially soft drinks and sugary drinks.

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