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How to relieve stress
What you’re depressed? And feel that life is very difficult. We know what has happened to each of us. Stress or depressed there is definitely a trigger.
Stress can attack anyone. In fact, any people have experienced stress. This fact cannot be denied. Businessmen, officials, as well as taxis can also be stressful.
Before we talk about how to relieve stress, we need to understand what is called stress. Stress is a condition in which a person feels depressed.
There are many things that can cause a person to feel depressed. The existing Office task stack can cause someone is depressed. A fight with a friend, economic hardship or be left behind by people who loved can also cause stress.
How to treat stress the most efficacious is the controlling mind and solve the problem that caused the stress. And the following tips-tipsnya.
1. AWARE of the CAUSES of STRESS-what causes it? We must know what causes stress. What is the task of the Office, disputes with friends, or economic problems. We need to know what the cause is.
After finding out, immediately take action to solve the problem. Immediately take action. We must destroy the problem that is being cut off because it was a major source of stress.
Indeed, knowing the cause of stress is not enough to relieve stress. To eliminate it, we need a solution. And the solution you can get by way of think about it yourself or ask for suggestions from others. But, we still need to know what cause us distress.
2. POUR OUT HEARTS to TRUSTED FRIENDS-Tips the second was devoted to his heart. Everyone needs to pour out her heart to a trusted friend, especially during stress. If you go to the right people, then they will give you a solution that can solve your problem.
Early life stress is also not good, if we are not able to get it done. So, when you feel depressed, go to people who you think can give you advice.
3. change the FACIAL EXPRESSION-the third Tip is to change facial expressions. When angry, angry facial expression gave rise to humans. When happy, the man brings out the facial expressions pleased. And each different expressions.
A concept that we need to understand is the “Change movement, then change the emotion”. When depressed, then we bring up the expression of angry, confused, anxious, and others. The depressed feeling makes us uncomfortable. Instead, it will also make our productivity is declining. We can change the sense of distress by changing facial expressions.
Try to smile. When stress, do this alone in the room. While smiling, our feelings will change. In the minds of us will emerge something that makes us happy. Smile like that can alleviate the burden of the mind. So, why don’t we try it? : )
4. find a NEW ATMOSPHERE-Tips to relieve stress that is looking for a new atmosphere. These Tips are very effective to relieve stress caused by boredom.
Everyone takes a break while working. Working too long it will menyababkan the mind of stress. And when that happens, we need to be looking out for a new atmosphere so that the mind back fresh.
Four tips above are useful to change our feelings. Lest we drown in our own feelings. Soon change, and take action.
Indeed, these tips may make you feel better. But, the root problem of stress is a problem that we face. That problem should be resolved. If not, we will still feel depressed until the problem was resolved.

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