4 Triggers Heart Disease in Your Neighborhood


DISEASE heart only comes from smoking and eating unhealthy foods?

Apparently not. This deadly disease is also triggered by things around that are often considered trivial.

Here are some of them.

1. Neighborhood

Who says only diidap heart disease by the bourgeoisie?

A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine found people who live in a neighborhood with a median income of its citizens fairly low, tend to be more prone to develop heart disease. They have three times the risk when compared with those peers who live in the more elite.

Malissa J. Wood of the Massachusetts General Hospital Heart Center explains, the people with lower income levels usually have poor sanitation awake, so susceptible virus.

2. viral infections

If you catch the flu from someone else, do not take for granted. People who are exposed to influenza virus susceptible to heart attacks in the first three days after the diagnosis.

Infection can cause an inflammatory response and trigger a heart attack or stroke. For just went, immediately do the injectable flu vaccine.

3. problem romance

Problems romance can also cause heart disease, especially if the issue makes you become stressed. Based on epidemiological studies from University College London, a relationship can increase the risk of heart attack by 34%.

4. Living in a big city

Spending time with bermacet-stalled on the road has become a daily diet of the urban.

A study from Germany says, whatever vehicle you ride, you’ll be more susceptible to stress and heart attacks if it is too often stuck in traffic jams.

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