3 Ways to Get Pregnant Fast If You Want


“Got Faster Son” is the biggest dream for couples, especially for newlyweds. Is a demerit if couples married more than a year, but had no children. There are actually many ways to get pregnant fast. Here I only wrote three surefire ways to get pregnant fast. Easy job that is often overlooked by couples, it is ok to the point …

  1. In the present era a lot of people having sex with his wife the above position. It can slow the pregnancy or even none at all. With an analysis that sperm entry into the uterus of the wife going out again. Or if you really want a position like that, then when going to orgasm, then the husband should change his position from the bottom up.
  2. Also becomes a habit, after intercourse wife got up and went directly to the bathroom to wash it, or if not showering, after his wife’s orgasm typically leans right. It can also slow the pregnancy, the solution is after the wife oragasme do not immediately get up once or tilting the body, but the wife suggested that her back for a minute to be absolutely sure if the sperm were no longer out there despite the womb up.
  3. Prayer, the most important thing that is often overlooked by most people.

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