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The prostate is a part of a man’s sexual function tool pull out the liquid cement. The liquid cement follows the sperm when out to protect it.
In the world of health, prostate cancer is one threat to a grown man. During this time there have been many cases of prostate cancer found. The following are some ways to prevent cancer  of the prostate.
Get enough sleep, there is Research suggesting that men who sleep deprivation had affected cancer prostate risk higher than not. Dr. Lala g. Siggurdattotir, a researcher from the University of Iceland says so.
Drink tea, some research indicates that drinking 2 cups of tea per day will reduce the risk of prostate cancer exposed.
Drinking coffee, scientists stated that coffee can reduce the risk of localized cancer . That is, cancer  are limited to certain parts such as the prostate. But excessive coffee consumption, instead will increase the risk of tumor development, as stated in the American scientists in 2011. So, on the right, i.e. a rate of less than 6 cups a day will reduce the risk of prostate cancer  exposed.
Regular prostate cancer  men attacked the elderly. Symptoms, pain while urination, sometimes bloody and etc.
As in the case of other cancer  causes the appearance of it is difficult to detect, but we can do the above 3 ways to avoid unwanted things.

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