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If we talk about cataracts of the eye, then we’re talking eye disease that most often lead to blindness in many of your brothers in the world. Much of cataracts will strike, said everyone in the family. Cataracts are also often invade tropical. Perhaps, therefore, Indonesia became the country with the biggest eyes cataract sufferers se-Southeast Asia.
eye cataracts
On this occasion, we will both talk briefly about what is called with cataracts, what the symptoms are, and how to menyikapinya.
Cataract eye causes eye lenses will no longer clear and opaque. That is, cataract sufferers will not be able to see clearly, opaque even in most cases is not opaque, but, very murky, to the extent that can not see at all. When viewing, such as seeing the fog. Have ever imagined? Now, please imagine. It’s not something that’s comfortable.
The cause of cataracts is the turbidity in the lens of the eye. Turbidity can be caused by secondary effects of diabetes, accidents, the age factor, Genetic Factors and others.
Then, what are the symptoms that appear and can we see?
There are several symptoms that we can beware of that,
The vision seemed to be foggy-this is because the white patches appear on the lens. If the lens is clear, then the view will be clear. If there are white patches, the view will not be clear.
Double vision in one eye when looking at multiple views with one eye only. These are also signs of cataracts.
There are white patches on the pupil (the black)-these white patches that cause eye lens becoming opaque.
Sometimes, in the initial phases, a cataract sufferers often replace prescription glasses before she knew that she was suffering from cataracts. In addition, they are also difficult to see at night and be sensitive to light.
Such is the symptoms of cataracts are noteworthy. What to do when you experience the above symptoms? The answer is only one, immediately take it to the doctor. Faster is better. Cataracts can be cured, even without surgery if it’s not too late. And will actually lose vision when not dealt with quickly.

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