11 Type of Disease In Baby


These 11 types of diseases that are often experienced by infants in the first year. Mother needs to recognize this disease well 11 that is not easy to panic when the baby suddenly ill, but remain vigilant.

Apnea (not breathing spontaneously)

Apnea is a disease in which a person is not breathing for a few seconds while asleep spontaneously. Not only adults, newborns and especially premature babies can have apnea.

Shortness of breath

Infants who experience shortness of breath would have a hard time breathing, or breathing baby with cough sounds. Be wary if the baby’s face becomes bluish due to lack of oxygen.

Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is a skin disease that causes irritation to the baby. This irritation is usually caused by improper use of diapers.

Yellow (jaundice)

Jaundice is usually makes baby skin and eyes yellow. Up to a certain extent, the disease is not dangerous, but mothers need to be aware if the yellow on the baby does not go away.

Milk eczema (atopic dermatitis)

Eczema milk is one of the most common skin problems in infants. Myth, called eczema milk because milk is about the skin around the mouth that cause red spots.

Cough and cold

The virus may be the cause of this disease affects infants. Immediately taken to the doctor when the baby coughs up a cold drink capacity decreases, or does not recover more than a week.

Respiratory tract infections

Respiratory infections are any infection that attacks the upper respiratory infections (ARI). Not infrequently lower respiratory tract. Respiratory infection can occur in infants (newborn).

Middle ear infection

Middle ear infection attacked one of the ear, the middle ear or the area around the eardrum.


It usually occurs because the baby is dehydrated or due to changes in food and the start of the first solid foods. Beware if constipation persists for more than a month.


Vomiting may occur because the baby glut, too much air in the stomach, and so on. Beware if the baby is vomiting continuously without stopping.


The virus is commonly called rotavirus is often the cause of diarrhea, in addition to other causes. Mothers should be vigilant if diarrhea accompanied by blood.

Such diseases above are common and may occur in infants from birth to age Mother-of a certain age. Mother, do not need to panic if the condition gets worse you should immediately see a doctor.

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