10 popular myths about colds


Nasal congestion is a major problem experienced by people with colds. Some say to avoid drinking milk, colds can quickly recover. Though the statement is a myth. Listen myths about colds more, as quoted from the following Listverse.


One symptom is a runny nose fever. Many think by wearing a thick blanket and let the body sweat can eliminate the fever. In fact, it did not work. Wearing a thick blanket when the fever will only make the body more comfortable, but it did not improve.

Hypodermic needle

There is an ancient myth that says a person may have a fever from a syringe. This myth comes from the misconception that the flu vaccine contains a weakened virus. In addition to false, this myth has nothing to do with colds. Because cold and flu are two different health conditions.

The immune system is weak
Weak immune system does not increase the risk of colds. For healthy and sick people have the same opportunity to catching colds. This was proven in a study that found the fact that 95 percent of people exposed to a cold virus directly attacks the respiratory membrane. While only 75 percent of those who once had a fever and runny nose simultaneously.

Vitamin C

Another myth circulating about colds is to eat plenty of vitamin C and zinc able to accelerate the healing of fever. Unfortunately it is not true. If a fever and colds, the best way to ease it is only by taking painkillers and wait to heal itself.

Most people had a fever when the weather is cold. Really? Apparently not. Because apparently a lot more people with fever and cold during the summer. This is because the virus becomes more active in the summer.

Drinking milk
Many people think drinking milk as a cold will exacerbate mucus in the respiratory tract. And milk does not cause mucus at all. Drink your milk as they pleased when colds and prove that the milk does not give any effect.


There is also a myth that says kissing someone who has a cold will make you catch the disease. In fact, the number of cold viruses on the lips and the mouth is small and does not cause a cold transmission. Unless you smell sick runny nose, would be a greater risk of infection.

Cold weather

Remember the message of parents who say do not go when the weather is cool because you get a fever? Apparently the message is not very accurate. Because the body temperature does not affect the attack of fever and colds. No matter you are hot, cold, wet, or dry, if the virus does not attack, nor cold will come.

Symptoms of common cold

Cough and runny nose (nasal fluid of constant snot) is also one of the symptoms of colds. Many people think do not need to treat it. But let’s not just the symptoms can make you pass colds on to others. So you should put a mask if you must to school, work, or go to public places and met many people.

Do not eat

In fact, eating is not a negative impact when you’re sick. Instead, the food will provide energy to the body. So solid activity can still be undertaken even if you have a cold.

That’s the popular myths about colds. Do not just believe before knowing the truth!

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